Our commitment is with you, that is why in Grallco Group we strive every day to provide the best service.


Doing the best by you without exception any is not an action but a habit, that is ours true passion.


We know you require timely service, so we have a clear and full awareness of how to do it right.


We have the most qualified team which allows us to offer the best according to your needs.


was created with the need of offering an integral logistics solution for customers. Our partners have experience in the area of international trade and logistics, and international transport of cargo, what turns into guarantee to offer an efficient and effective managing of cargoes. In addition we give the service of advising on imports, exports, customs clearance, procedures, and Colombian regulations. Our staff is highly qualified to develop customized operations, our quality standards are ruled according to the current international procedures of the market.


Our aim is to offer an operation with constant innovation implementing customized high-tech, always having respect for the environment, and at the same time allowing the operations to flow smoothly, always generating a major added value which will finally be reflected in the reduction of operational costs, creating new business opportunities.

Quality Policies

We optimize all the resources we have by using the highest standards of quality handled on the international market nowadays, and that allow us, by means of the constant improvement of these processes, to offer a better service to our clients. This protocol will be checked every day in order to remain updated.