• Partial and total processing inside or outside the free zone.
  • Processes of transformation, complementation and assembly of goods, “Maquila”.
  • Active and passive processing in the national territory and in the rest of the world.
  • Management and design of special projects.
  • No cancellation of customs duties.
  • Raw material can leave the free zone to the national territory for partial processing and has 6 months to return as a final good.
    After having the finished product in a free zone, you can:
    A) Send to the rest of the world (re-expedition)

    B) Import it into the sub-item of the final good and pay taxes on the foreign raw material used.

    • Quantitative and qualitative savings.
    • Quantitative Savings Vs. Other import and export systems (Vallejo Plan).
    • No provision of guarantees (additional policies).